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Most of the time it is difficult for me to feel comfortable rating one online rewards program over another. When so much of customer satisfaction depends upon the individual and the particulars of a given service, it can be difficult to make truly objective reviews about any single one. There are a few companies though that have stood the test of time and that  deserve special mention.There are a few reasons why I can confidently say that is one of the Web rewards services that you need to know about. They have a decade long history with a reputation for customer care and satisfaction. A forthright approach to business has always been the standout quality of Scam isn’t what you’ll find when you go to check out their website, as is sometimes the case with other supposed “bargains.” Instead, you’ll find a rich and easily navigable site full of useful tidbits to help prospective members make an informed decision about signing up.

In our reviews, we found that what you see is what you get. All the fees are listed up front, so for twelve bucks a month you can decide whether you shop online enough to make it work for you. To be honest though, it is hard to imagine anyone in the modern world who doesn’t spend enough time online to get a ton of use out of a free shipping membership.

That’s another great thing about this service – its versatility. With some services, you pay a monthly fee for  membership but you get little to no choice about what merchandise that membership is going to get you. works very differently –  it’s a subscription membership, but you are not paying for pre-determined merchandise. Instead, you are buying a package of really cool discounts and deals and rebates that can be used all over the Web, at thousands of participating merchants. I can’t stress enough how valuable that freedom of choice is for avid online shoppers who are looking to save  time and money.