Is the cost worth the savings?

Yes! I can’t answer that question any more clearly, and in all honesty it doesn’t really need a lengthier answer. Because the truth of the matter is, is that the cost, which is $12.97 per month, is miniscule when compared to the potential for money-saving opportunities it creates. Let’s review these claims from a merely mathematical standpoint.

Okay, so the cost for a one-month membership is going to run you just under thirteen clams. Great! “What on planet earth could thirteen dollars per month possibly get me,” you ask? I’m so glad you did! When it comes to, rip off your cynical goggles made of preconceived notions about what is possible and put on your brand new pair of money saving spectacles. What you’ll see is impressive! I could go on and on for pages about the intricacies and nuances of what a membership with the free shipping website really gets you. But to keep things brief (we’ve all got shopping to get back to), I’ll give you the bare bones. provides its members with rebates for free shipping whenever they shop at an online store that is associated with the program. Those participating merchants number in the thousands. If you have some big names in mind already, they’re probably on the list. You can head over to the company’s website and see exactly which merchants participate in the program – it’s a pretty wonderful thing to see. Anyway, so you get rebates for your money back any time you have to pay a shipping charge for one of those merchants. Then, you also get free return shipping. Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention Holiday Bonuses and the lowest-price satisfaction guarantee, along with the freedom to cancel any time you want, no questions asked, free of charge, and all that jazz? I could never forget these things: they are what have made up one of my favorite deals online for more than a decade running. Now that’s something to mention.
Word play aside – we said we were going to take a look at the figures and see if it really is worth the cost. I haven’t forgotten that pursuit. Now that I’ve laid out to what the monthly cost gives you claim, we are in a better position to decide that all important question of worth. Do the numbers stack up?
Well, we have to make some assumptions. Let’s assume that in an average month, a person who shops online even a moderate amount is going to pay several shipping charges, ranging anywhere from five dollars to twenty, thirty dollars, and even higher for much bigger items. But most people aren’t making huge purchases of products that require a ton of effort to ship every month. So let’s work with the lower end of that range. Let’s say in a given month that you, the moderate shopper buys three products online, all from different merchants, paying a $5 shipping charge on two of those items and a $10 shipping charge on the third. You’ve now spent $20 in one month on shipping charges, in addition to whatever sort of mark-ups you paid on the online goods. Now in light of what we know can provide, we can see the costs add up for non-members. With our memberships, we don’t only eliminate the $20 in shipping charges. We also ensure that we’re not taking any of that mark-up in pricing with our lowest-price guarantee, and that’s no scam. Also, we’re not taking any risk if we don’t end up liking those new shoes or that shiny gold watch, because we can return it all for free, too.