Modest Membership Fee, Great Savings membership fee equals great savings

Most people are familiar with the biggest American retail names: big box stores that sell everything from groceries to electronics; celebrated fashion houses that are front and center on the red carpet, and catwalks in New York and Paris; electronics chains that are located in just about every large American city. We all know and love them. If you’re like most people, you probably get the majority of the items in your home from these retailers. Continue reading

10 Legit Tips to Organize Your Work Life; Use

Building a career that requires a lot of time? Organize your work life with deals.

Most people struggle with what seems like an endless list of work-related tasks – things that should have been done yesterday, but that got put off until the other crises got resolved. Some last-minute emergencies are unavoidable, but many are the result of procrastination, poor planning, or the fact that we’re often just too nice to say no. Continue reading

Complaints About Junk? Repurpose Items with These Tips

Before trash hits the garbage, think of other ways you can reuse it. Save money and save mother nature as well!

My closets are full of clutter: buttons, cleaning products, dryer sheets, and a 6 month supply of toothpaste, to name a few. While I know that I will need all of this stuff eventually, wouldn’t it be great to put it to work now? Continue reading

Is the cost worth the savings?

Yes! I can’t answer that question any more clearly, and in all honesty it doesn’t really need a lengthier answer. Because the truth of the matter is, is that the cost, which is $12.97 per month, is miniscule when compared to the potential for money-saving opportunities it creates. Let’s review these claims from a merely mathematical standpoint.

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Everything is up-front with

A fellow bargain hunter asked me this question recently and it has compelled me to set in record here a review that includes the things I gave in my response to him. I think it’s useful to do this with benefit programs, because avid and savvy online shoppers are always looking to connect with their community and discuss the amazing deals it has to offer. Continue reading